Katie Hall (3:01)

Blythe Gunn (2:30)
Lynn F. SafeAdults

"Attended this program yesterday, big thanks to Lorna, David, and the wonderful young man who put on the padded suit and let the gals try out their new skills. A MUST for all women, children, and in fact anyone to learn how to mentally and physically prepare to defend themselves."

Kathy T. Mother-Daughter

"My daughter and I attended the self-defense class with Safe4Life, and found it to be amazing. The entire course provided such useful information for both of us to practice and use if we ever need to. Hopefully we will never need to use the skills taught, but we feel much more confident knowing that we have skills in hand in case we do!" 


Deborah G. Mother-Daughter

"Went to the course with my granddaughter and cannot say enough about the people involved Lorna, Claire and the always famous Blue Man. It is an exceptional course which focuses on not only defensive moves but also getting it right when it comes to never allowing victim behaviour and empower women to remember how we were born with instincts to fear that which might hurt us and go with it...do not deny your gut...it knows. Thank you so much for such an empowering life experience."

Nicki C. SafeAdults

"I have always questioned myself on how I would react in a real life scenario if I was ever attacked. Would I freeze or fight back? This workshop not only taught me what to look out for and what to do, but it gave me the confidence to know I can get out of it. I especially liked how they used the padded guy to simulate an attack and we had to use all our strength to get out. Now I know I won't freeze and I won't fall victim. I highly recommend this class to everyone. Don't wait until it's too late!"

Jennifer B. SafeAdults

"This session was a great resource for myself and my friends. We left feeling more confident and now have the tools to be proactive in uncomfortable situations. Hopefully, we never have to use any of the skills learned, but feels good to have them in our back pocket. Awareness is KEY!"

Shairose R. SafeTeens

"I loved this class.  I was attacked at the ski hill last winter and had no idea what to do so I didn’t do anything. If I had know about fighting back and screaming for help, it would have been a way different story.  I still worry and freak out about it but being able to beat up the blueman has shown me that even if I am small, I still have power to get him off me.  I loved this class – thanks to David for helping me feel strong."

Anonymous SafeTeens

"The fact that we were actually able to be in a staged attacking situation helped me a lot. And to know the state of mind I should be in was great. We learned so much in this one day.  It was hard to watch my friends getting attacked but its useful to know.  It is helpful to really see how strong we can be."

Sofia SafeTeens

"The technique was very clearly demonstrated so we got to try it and we knew how to do it properly."

Payton SafeTeens

"We got to learn how to defend ourselves and to trust our “spider senses” and if you are attacked to breathe, and always scream."

Jordyn SafeTeens

"We learned so much in one day. This is one day that I will remember for a long time. I learned a lot and now I know that I can protect myself."

Dolores, School Council SafeTots

"Parents were appreciative of “Tips for Parents” handout which was sent home with the child after the program. Parents felt it provided them with the information to allow further discussion with their children and to develop their own personal safety plan. This program left an impression on the children, parents, teachers, and myself. As a parent and organizer, I would undoubtedly recommend the SafeTots program."

Teresa SafeTots

"My daughter ‘R’ and I attended your class and I just wanted to let you know that the program really stuck with us and it works. We have been practicing your methods since the class so ‘R’ (who is 3 years old) would retain the information. She has learned our address and my cell phone number. She also knows what to do when she gets separated from her father or I. We were shopping at Home Outfitters at the end of November when ‘R’ got distracted and wandered away from us. We had walked away from the area we were in and could no longer see her, so her father went to go find her. He was walking back to the section we were at when we lost sight of her and she was coming out of an isle with a store clerk. She was telling the store clerk that her mom and dad were lost and she needed help to find us. I am thankful that we took your class and that we have the tools to teach our children what to do when faced with difficult situations. ‘R’ still talks about Emily and we read the book often and continuously practice the lessons we learned. Thank you so much!"

Meagan F. SafeKids

"We had Safe4life hold a class for 3-5 year olds at our community center. The instructor was fantastic, she spoke directly to the children and did a fantastic job of keeping a pretty large group of preschoolers engaged and participating throughout the entire class. The class we attended was a few weeks ago and the children are still reciting the safety chant! The comic book that is sent home is awesome, my little one asks to red it almost every day! The class opened up some great conversations with the kids who attended and was also informative to the parents who were present. I highly recommend this class! It is great!"  

Kyla D. SafeKids

"My kids and I attended a Safe4Life class in Airdrie over the weekend and it was fantastic! What a wonderful resource for kids to learn how to protect themselves. I highly recommend this class to anyone wanting to help teach their kids to be safe! Lorna and Josh were awesome with the kids! Thank you!"


Tanecia D. SafeKids

"I brought my children to the Safe4life SafeKids class this past weekend. It was great! This class teaches our children think critically and gives them the tools to avoid and escape dangerous situations. Lorna touched on a couple of points that I hadn't thought about... as a parent it's definitely worth it to stick around and observe if you can. Thank you Lorna for teaching a fantastic program in a very engaging way. Thank you Josh for being such a friendly punching bag for our kids. Thank you for giving me the information to better teach my children safety skills."

Megan S. SafeKids

"Over the weekend I had the opportunity to take a personal safety class in Calgary and have my son and his friend take a kids personal safety class put on by Lorna Selig from Safe4Life. It was a fantastic experience and I left feeling empowered knowing that me and the kids are now better equipped to handle threatening situations if they were to occur. No one ever wants to think that it could happen to them, but the reality is that it could. Being prepared is the best thing we can do for ourselves and our loved ones. I highly recommend these courses for EVERYONE and definitely get your kids in them too. Five stars! Thank you Lorna!"