Our Classes


Start the personal safety training early with this lively and interactive program aimed at preschool children.  Children will learn about the importance of keeping private parts private and what to do if they feel an “Uh-Oh” in their tummy. Songs and rhymes that children will remember are part of this class. Children receive “The SafeGuards” interactive family book as a take-home gift.        Duration: 1 hour


This high energy, interactive program will give your children a Safety Plan they can use! Topics include home alone safety, bullying, the stranger myth, inappropriate touching, abductions, self-confidence and more. Children will have the opportunity to practice their new self-defense skills in a safe and simulated environment. Duration: 3 hours


Safety training and hands on skills for youth in a fun and interactive environment. Classes will assist teens to become aware of the need for solid boundaries, avoid potentially dangerous situations, and teach them to defend against and escape a possible perpetrator.                Duration: 4 hours


This popular self-defense class will instil specific strategies and mental skills necessary to avoid a potential attack or escape a determined perpetrator. Participants get to practice the skills in a simulated, safe environment and leave the session with a renewed sense of confidence and peace of mind.                   Duration: 4 hours


Seniors have unique challenges and concerns in regards to their personal safety. Mobility and strength issues, vulnerability, and exposure to unfamiliar caregivers.  In the SafeSenior class, participants will learn specific strategies and mindset skills to avoid or escape a potentially risky situation.  Having the opportunity to practice these skills in a safe environment becomes a most valuable exercise for building confidence.                                  Duration: 3 hours


A powerful combination of the SafeAdults and SafeTeen program, this session is a great bonding opportunity for teens and parents. Parents will be confident their teen has the skills to protect themselves in the outside world, and they learn the skills themselves. City of Calgary Police Officers facilitate this session. Participants walk away with heads held high and a greater sense of awareness and confidence.

Primary Schools

Bring the SafeTots and SafeKids Programs into your school! Students between the ages of 5 and 11 will gain skills for confidence and personal safety, and parents will be relieved that their children are able to handle some of the struggles that life throws their way. Bullying, peer pressure and boundaries are all part of this important program. School programs are either offered during school hours as part of the learning curriculum, or are offered after hours on school property. 

Middle/ High School

Bring the SafeTeens Program into your Middle or High Schools. Let our Team assist your youth with solid skills and strategies for confidence and situational awareness that will stay with them well into the future. We teach the important social and emotional skills to encourage awareness and threat assessment, as well as hands-on techniques to defeat an attack. Participants have the opportunity to practice with a Padded Attacker to get a real feel for how a threatening situation can quickly turn physical, and how the best strategy is to avoid a confrontation.

Corporate Team Building

Employees are met with many personal safety challenges on their way to and from work everyday. Walking through a parkade, riding an elevator, or working late all pose potential risks to workers. For a corporate team building opportunity with valuable and life saving take-aways, this four-hour workshop meets and exceeds the Annual Mandatory Safety Objectives that many companies require. Facilitated by City of Calgary Police Officers.

Day Camps

As an add on to any existing DayCamp program – from churches to community and recreation centres, this 2 hour SafeKids class has been adjusted to fit into a shortened timeframe. Add a self defense component to your existing program to give children and parents an added bonus for choosing your DayCamp. Topics include home alone safety, bullying, boundaries, self confidence and more. The practice and hands-on portion of this program ensures that children walk away with a usable Safety Plan.

Special Needs

Children and young adults with disabilities and special needs are particularly vulnerable to assault and abuse. As a result, the need for self defense information and education is absolutely necessary. Discussions about boundaries, and assertiveness skills, and basic hands-on techniques are part of this valuable program. Our instructors are well experienced with disabilities, and use specific engagement strategies to instruct and guide the special learners. Movement, visuals and repetition are included as key teaching components.

Customized Programs

Tell us what you want! Any of the above programs can be customized to meet your individual needs and requests. Self Defense for small groups, a shortened timeframe, a longer timeframe, a unique celebration, or help to work through a trauma can all be accommodated….Just ask!

If you have any questions, or would like to book a class, please contact us!