What is Safe4Life?

Personal crime can happen to anyone; age, gender, and social-economic status is irrelevant. Kids are bullied at school, a woman is grabbed on the street, someone finds themselves in an abusive relationship, a child is touched by a relative.

Did you know that you can develop a Safety Plan for yourself and your loved ones, which can help you prepare and avoid these situations before they occur. Even children as young as 3-years-old can learn these skills to help them stay safe.

The Experience

Safe4Life Personal Safety Training Classes are taught within the context of “Experiential Learning.” Participants get to feel and experience the empowerment that comes from knowing they can fend off or escape a dangerous situation.

It is one thing to wonder how you would react to a dangerous encounter; it is another thing to KNOW how you would react. Through hands-on experience in a simulated attack, you will leave these classes knowing, with confidence, that you can implement your Safety Plan.

Safe4Life Programs teach toddlers, kids, tweens, teens, adults and seniors how to:


Prepare for dangerous encounters before they occur

Avoid risky situations


Establish a solid safety plan

Develop the confidence and skills to keep you safe for life!

Our classes are facilitated by Experienced Police Detectives, Officers and Safety Professionals.

“Several years ago, as a uniformed officer on the streets, I worked in some very rough neighborhoods. I was frustrated that, as Police Officers, we could only help after a crime was committed. A co-worker introduced me to this curriculum and the woman who developed it, and I bought in! Seeing the importance of teaching skills so that there would be fewer victims and less crime, I became a believer and have been part of this training ever since. I see the results and the benefits with every class I teach.”

City of Calgary Police Detective (18 year member)

Facilitator with Safe4Life

“This class and this philosophy are of ABSOLUTE importance to all people who live and function in our communities. Real life easy to follow skills and strategies are taught and reinforced to ensure fewer victims and more empowered citizens on our streets.”

Lorna Selig

Facilitator & President Safe4Life

“Having worked as both a member of the RCMP and currently with the Calgary Police Service, I’ve had the opportunity to work with and be exposed to a vast amount of human behaviour. It’s been very frustrating to see repeated victimization over the years, knowing that one’s mindset and awareness could prevent or prepare you for a serious encounter. Once the safety curriculum was shared with me, I was unequivocally convinced that this could make an immense impact on the lives of children and adults; and I knew I needed to be part of it.”

Service Sergeant (20 year policing experience)

Facilitator with Safe4Life

If you have any questions, or would like to book a class, please contact us!