Looks like Anna-Kat, from ABC’s American Housewife, took our SafeKids course!

Check it out!


  • “My daughter and I attended your workshop. In that workshop we learned how to defend ourselves, and when the attacker came out, I asked if I could redo an attack that happened to me when I was young. I froze. I cannot convey to you how much that opportunity has liberated me from any traumatic thoughts associated with the original attack. I’m free! I pummeled​ the hell out of that poor young man, and I’d like to thank him. I have no more flashbacks or traumatic thoughts regarding my attack. As far as I’m concerned, I beat the crap out of him. I can’t thank you all enough.”

    Participant in the Mother-Daughter class
  • “Several years ago, as a uniformed officer on the streets, I worked in some very rough neighbourhoods  I was frustrated that, as Police Officers, we could only help after a crime was committed. A co-worker introduced me to this curriculum and the woman who developed it, and I bought in! Seeing the importance of teaching skills so that there would be fewer victims and less crime, I became a believer and have been part of this training ever since. I see the results and the benefits with every class I teach.”

    City of Calgary Police Detective (18-year member), Safe4Life Facilitator